We were one of the first companies in Europe selling oriental water pipes (also called shisha or hookah pipes), back to 1999 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Since then, we have been making significant contributions in the cultural development of the shisha in Germany, e.g. by founding Shisha Forum, the world‘s largest community for shisha smokers, or by hosting meetups for interested people.

After our great success in Germany we decided to expand to other European countries. Soon, we reach a worldwide span, selling our products to all continents through local distributors and partners. Today, we are one of the most important producers and distributors of shisha products around the globe.

Our brands

Quality has always been our difference, so it is no surprise if our brands are renowned as some of the best products in their categories. As we were not satisfied with the quality of many traditional shisha pipes from the Arabic countries or China, we started engineering more modern shisha pipes than most people were used to. Soon, we produced our own flagship hookahs, branded as Nargilem Professional and made in Germany. Today the shisha pipes released under our Nargilem label are the bestseller in many European countries and our style is copied by manufacturers from all around the world.

We extended our product range to accessories such as hoses or bowls.

In addition, we started producing and distributing some of the most famous tobacco brands including Jeff‘s Seven Elements molasses, 5pipes hookah tobacco or Fruchtrauch. We delight in bringing the best products to our customers. It was therefore a logical step to cooperate with Carbopol, from Poland. The Carbopol charcoal in our opinion is the best shisha charcoal in the world and our customers approve that. It burns without leaving a distinctive taste to the smoke. Since 2010, our bestselling charcoal is the Carbopol Ring Charcoal, a quick lighting charcoal with special smoking properties and a higher operating temperature, perfect for smoking shisha. In 2011 Carbopol released their first natural coconut charcoal to defy the charcoal market from overseas.

Steam instead of smoking! – This is the slogan of one of our newest products. In 2010 the German company Chunga established a completely new concept of shisha smoking – pardon, steaming. This world revolution is called Shiazo and is made of natural steam stones impregnated by self-developed molasses. Shiazo does not contain nicotine and, used with an electric charcoal, it is even free or tar and carbon monoxide! The high-quality natural steam stones are available in more than fourty flavours. Shiazo reproduces the fun and taste of smoking shisha tobacco but only generates steam, thus offering a healthy alternative for tobacco. In Bavaria, a Court decision even allows to enjoy Shiazo in public places. After the smoking ban in many European countries, many shisha cafés experienced serious difficulties or were even forced to close. With Shiazo, they can legally start to serve shishas again.